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Video of operation management system demonstration test for same airspace and multiple drones is released


NEDO, NEC Corporation, NTT DATA Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., NTT DOCOMO CORPORATION, Rakuten Corporation, KDDI CORPORATION, Zenrin Corporation, Japan Meteorological Association conducted a demonstration test of safety operation management system for multiple drone operators in the same airspace. The demonstration test was held at "Fukushima Robot Test Field" (Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture) with the cooperation of Fukushima Prefecture and Minami-Soma City.

????News release: Demonstration of Operation Management System for Same Airspace and Multiple Drones -Aiming to sequentially release API of Operation Management System- (Japanese only)


Please check the video of operation management system demonstration experiment for the same airspace and multiple drones below.



In this demonstration test, 8 airfields was set up in the area of 900m x 600m in the Fukushima Robot Test Field and its surroundings, and it was possible to secure safety by assuming 4 usage scenes of disaster investigation, security, logistics and mail. We let the drone of the aircraft fly properly for about 15 minutes.

The operation management integration function automatically adjusts multiple drone flight plans and manages in-flight drone position information in real time without human intervention. The operation management integration function automatically adjusted the flight plan of multiple drone and managed in-flight drone position information in real time.

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